About Me

I graduated from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, where I earned a MFA in photography. An intense love for color, deep-seeded roots in rural landscapes of the South, and natural nocturnal tendencies fueled an interest in nighttime photography. My search for nighttime scenes for my thesis work brought me to the mountains of Western North Carolina. I currently reside in Asheville. My interests in nighttime landscapes has temporarily waned and I've found a true passion for portraiture. I find satisfaction in capturing emotional qualities in the people that I photograph. Whether I'm shooting live music, promotional imagery, head shots, or conceptually driven photographs,  I feel it is important for the viewer to connect with the subject in an emotional capacity.  I currently have several fine art portrait projects under way that fuel my desire to meet beautifully fascinating people - and I'm truly honored to be able to share their stories through my images. 

I am available for hire. I enjoy working with concept, layout, and design. I capture images for my clients that satisfy their promotional and advertising needs. I am deeply passionate about promoting fellow artists in any field. I think obsessively of making portraits for musicians and performers because in general, people do judge the proverbial book by its cover.  What face do you want to show the world? I'm here to collaborate with you in order to create that image. Please feel free to contact me by phone or email.  



eight zero three 318-8927

Asheville, NC

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