George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic

This weekend brought with it several festivals that I didn’t attend - partially because George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic played the Salvage Station on May 11, 2018. Clinton has announced his retirement set for the end of this month and this may have been the last time that I could see him take the stage. Things have changed over the course of a lifetime of seeing this band - the one constant:  they bring the funk. 

I’m a sucker for costumes, performance and colorful people. I admit that I got so excited I found it hard to stop shooting - I overshot - and I had a ball doing so. Even though I had a hard time culling my images down to the shots I’m adding here, this was not the best shoot of my life, it was however, a whole lot of fun. Thank you to the Salvage Station for bringing the funk to Asheville. Most of all,  thank you George Clinton for devoting your life to making music that makes all of our lives more fun.